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Channeled my inner @julieblanner for a photoshoot with @bijoulovely of @hollydegrootphotography this afternoon!
Oh my pretties
Latergram: BFFin’ with @biallasamantha, who gets big ups for taking a couple of days off of work at a weeks notice to be able to spend time with me! 😘❤️☕️🍸🍷
Chandler Bing.
Sissy times.
You guys. Blue moon ice cream. (at The Ice Cream Station)
The Honorable Senator Carl Levin #selfiewithasenator #youcametoseemefromwhere? #senatorcarllevin (at Pine Grove Country Club)

The clouds were pretty last night!

Flying Delta home is basically like chartering a private jet.

#missedflightwhocares #gonnaberealdrunk #chocolatecakeforbreakfast